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Obituary Collection
Elmer Maurer

Influenza claimed another victim in this locality last Tuesday morning in the person of Elmer Maurer. This is the second death in the Maurer family from influenza within the last two weeks.

He leaves a wife and baby, the latter being seriously ill at present; a father, mother, brothers and sisters.

Funeral services were conducted from the Maurer residence this (Thursday) afternoon at 2 o’clock.

Obituary will be published next week.

The Farnam Echo 15(52):1 Thursday, 5 December, 1918

Elmer Maurer was born in Dawson county, Nebraska, near Lexington, August 18, 1894, and spent the larger part of his life in and near Farnam where he made many friends. He was attacked with influenza while working on the C. B. & Q. bridge gang near Maywood, coming to his father’s house he went to bed and passed away Tuesday, December 3.

He left a father, mother, several sisters and brothers to mourn his departure, besides a wife and baby boy, the latter unfortunately followed its father to the grave one week later.

Thus the faithful wife and mother was made to mourn the death of the two dearest relatives that a woman can have. In her sorrow she has the sympathy of the whole community and a host of friends from over this part of the state.

The Farnam Echo 16(1):1 Thursday, 12 December, 1918

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