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Obituary Collection
Iven Babcock
Dewey Babcock

Ivan Babcock, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Babcock, was born at Farnam, Neb., December 16, 1894, and died at the home of his parents, at North Loup, Neb., November 16, 1918, lacking but one month of being 24 years of age.

Dewey Babcock, adopted son of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Babcock, was born October 7, 1897, and died at the home of his foster parents, North Loup, Neb., November 22, 1918, aged 21 years and 15 days.

When Ivan was about thirteen years of age and Dewey ten, they were both converted, baptized by Rev. Wilburt Davis, and united with the Seventh Day Baptist Church of Farnam, Neb. Some five or six years ago the family moved to North Loup, and they transferred their membership to the Seventh Day Baptist Church of North Loup, of which they remained consistent, conscientious members. They were young men of quiet ways, clean of habit and of speech.

Ivan was called in the draft last summer and sent for training to Camp Dodge, Iowa. Shortly afterward he was rejected on account of physical disability and returned home. Dewey had been expecting his call for training, but the termination of the war left him at home.

Some ten days before his death Ivan contracted Spanish influenza, rapidly developing into pneumonia. The disease soon spread to the three remaining children at home. All that medical skill could do was done for the afflicted family. But it proved unavailing for the two older children. On Sabbath morning, November 16, Ivan passed away, and burial was made, November 17, in the village cemetery. Six days later Dewey succumbed to the dreaded disease, and on November 23, the body was laid to rest by the side of that of his brother.

Besides father and mother, they leave to mourn their loss two sisters and one brother, - Mrs. Ira Cruzan, Naomi and Verne. Brief funeral services were conducted at their graves by Pastor Alva L. Davis. A.L. D.

The Sabbath Recorder, Vol 85, No 23, p 734, Dec. 9, 1918

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