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Rollin Castor Dead

Rollin Castor, the three year old son of Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Castor, who lives near Orafino died Sunday morning at seven o’clock. Rollin had been sick, but was thought to be improving when he took a back set. Cause of death is said to be congestion of the lungs.

The funeral services were held at the Castor home Tuesday afternoon, interment being made in the Orafino Cemetery.

The Farnam Echo, 13(16):1 Thursday, March 30, 1916

The little three-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Castor died at his home near Orafino Monday afternoon. The little fellow was playing around as usual on Saturday, and was taken suddenly ill and passed away. Mr. and Mrs. Castor surely have the sympathy of their many friends, as this is the second time the death angel has visited their home in the past few years, each time taking a little boy, the first child having drowned in a tank some time ago.

The Stockville Faber, 32(26):1 Thursday Evening, March 30, 1916

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